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Audi Quattro

Launched in the year 1980 by German automobile manufacturer Audi, the Audi Quattro is basically designed for catering to the need of having a road and rally car. This 2-door coupe comes with a longitudinal front engine and four wheel drive. This high-performance car comes with a 2.1 L I5 SOHC 10v engine that came with the feature of 5-speed manual transmission. With time, the engine was modified to 2,226 cc (136 cu in) inline-5 20v that could produce 162 KW with a top speed of 230 km/h. With comforting features, this is certainly the car to get on road with.

A sports car is always a craze for a car lover and there are many sports car lovers in Nigeria too. The Audi Quattro is one such model intended for them. The model got replaced by uplifted model name and are price high by Audi. Then best option for a sports car lover is to go with a used Audi Quattro sale happening in various places of Nigeria with online as well as offline sources. There are many used Audi Quattro for sale in Nigeria from which one may easily own this sports model with lesser formalities and that too with a pocket friendly benefit.

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