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Used Chevrolet Evanda for sale

Chevrolet Evanda was manufactured and sold by the general motors in parts of Western Europe in the year 2004. It is a medium size sedan car with amazing features. It comes with a XK6 inline-6 engine delivering 155 hp or with another engine which can produce up to 148hp. This sedan has 4-cylinder engine and can reach a top speed of 190 Km/hr. it comes with 5-speed manual transmission, it is not only luxurious but also economical. It gives an average of 7kmpl in the cities and 15kmpl in highway or outskirt. It uses front wheel drive. It is an ultimate car which serves the needs of all types of buyer.

Chevrolet Evanda, in many place marketed as the Daewoo Magnus is one of the best four door sedan model available from the range of vehicles General motors holds. Since this car is no more in the production line and the updated models of this car are priced on a higher point, the best option for a Nigerain resident si to go with the used Chevrolet Evanda sale. There are many used Chevrolet Evanda for sale in Nigeria from which an Evanda admirer may easily choose his model considering the points such as price, number of years used, trust in the seller etc.

The is the most popular name in the field of used car business in Nigeria, offering wide range of cars listing in various segmenst such as hatchback, sedan, van, SUVs, pickups etc. The is favorite for many car lovers due to its unique features offered by the site. The website is equipped with a search tool which enables the visitor to search his car model so easily with minimal inputs. The offers variosu options as search results from which the buyer may check the details of the model. The main highlight here is that the listing is shown along with the contact detail of the seller, as it is a great blessing for the buyer to close the deal easily.

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