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Sell car in Ghana online – know the process

While selling multiple cars, you can now stay relax and get the large number of the buyers for your car. Well, this is now actually possible in Ghana and all the credit goes to the This is the company which is giving chance to sellers in Ghana, to sell car in Ghana with the help of the online media. Here at this portal, you can now register as a seller and then you can sell car in Ghana online effectively. Once the registration is done, you can click on the option of “sell car as a dealer”. Then you can further get the chance to sell car as a dealer. The process for selling car as dealer is as follows:

  1. Post ad of 3+ cars: this is the first step of selling car and that is posting the ad of the car. You can now sell three or more than three cars at the same time here. You have to post the ad of your cars and also provide details of each car here.
  2. Convert to dealer account: if you are single seller or selling car as owner, then you can now convert your account to the dealer account. Also you have to send the copy of your dealership license or certificate so that it can be easily verified that you are a genuine dealer. Also then, you can create your own page in order to sell car in Ghana here and also display logo of your company. Even if you don’t have logo, will create it for you, and for that you have to send request to them with the help of customer support team guidance.
  3. Get more leads & sell car faster: you can list your cars here and as the listing increases done by you, then you can sell your cars rapidly and enjoy the experience to sell car in Ghana online.

This is how simply you can now sell car in Ghana with the help of the and even speed up the selling process by promoting the ads of your cars too.

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