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Chrysler Neon

This Chrysler Neon is a compact car with front wheel drive option which was introduced in the year 1994. This car was the model of the year selected among the Chrysler's Dodge series and Plymouth models. This car was branded as the only Chrysler car in Australia, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, Canada and Europe. Chrysler Neon also replaced the Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance models and the Dodge Colt. This car had multiple versions and also the configurations that were over its production life. This car had unconventional option availability. Earlier, the car had a different look and this was not accepted. Today, Neon is made available in many bold colors.

When it comes to owning a popular sedan in Ghana region, Chrysler Neon is one among the first name comes to minds of many. Being a renowned model of Chrysler, the Chrysler Neon is not easy to reach with the new facelift happened and the high price point given. Hence a used Chrysler Neon is an ideal option for one who wish to get a great sedan at reasonable price. There are many used Chrysler Neon for sale in Ghana and one can get a favourite model without any much hassle. A used Chrysler Neon is available in the region with many offline as well as online dealers. is one of the most popular name in Ghana region with the largest number of used car listing with wide range of options to choose from. The potential buyer can easily search her or his car model with few inputs such as make, model, years, kilometres run etc. given to the smart search tool in the website. The is the fast search engine which gives exact results. The website offers free account registration option for interested buyers, but not mandatory. Not only that, each listing shown to the buyer is given with the seller’s contact details, so that the buyer may discuss closing the deal successfully.

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