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Chrysler New Yorker

The Chrysler New Yorker is a very renowned car model which got manufactured by the American Automobile Giant, the Chrysler. This car’s special appearance was in the year 1938. The New Yorker model of Chrysler is actually defined as a car in an upscale range which is priced and positioned above mainstream automobile brands like Chevrolet/Pontiac, Ford, and Dodge/Plymouth. Then, in 1990, a new base was actually added called as Salon. This was a rebadged Dodge Dynasty with exposed headlamps, grille similar to the Dodge and also the horizontal taillights. Then, the car used a headlight beam which has got a projector style. This was one feature that was still somewhat different from many at that point of time.

Chrysler New Yorker is one such car which every luxury sedan car lover would love to have. Being one of the best in class model of its time, many would prefer owning this model now also. Since the New Yorker got replaced by new models, the only option left out is to go with a used Chrysler New Yorker. There are many used Chrysler New Yorker available in Ghana and Ghana areas, which a vintage car lover can look at. One can easily own this car even to use it or for keeping it in vintage collection, used Chrysler New Yorker sale in Ghana would help to get this out.

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