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Capri was a fastback coupe that made a sensational debut at Brussels motor show in 1969 and proved a highly successful car for ford. It was built by ford motor company from 1969-1986 and designed by Philip T-clark famous for being the main designer of ford mustang. It was available with a variety of engine from 1.3l to 3.0l V6. It was a four seater car, back seats can be folded to optimise luggage space. It proved highly successful with 400,000 cars sold until 1970. Capri created a new breed of car and gained a lot of appreciation by getting a tagline-the car you promised yourself.

Owning a fast track coupe model would be a great wish for many car lovers. The Ford Capri is one such model in the coupe segment from Ford Motors, which every Ghana car lover would love to own. Since this model is no more in production line from 1994, the best possible way to own this car model is to go for a used Ford Capri sale in Ghana. There are many used Ford Capri for sale in the country with individual owners as well as dealers. It is a good option to own a reasonably priced and well maintained used Ford Capri to enjoy a luxurious ride in a coupe model in Ghana roads.

It is always wise to check the history and the record of a car model before going for a used car purchase. The trust is a major factor which comes as a hurdle when one goes with the decision of buying a used car. has made it successful to eradicate this fear from the mind of Ghana residents who loves owning used cars. is an online platform which is so active in the Ghana region, in the used car business. They have the largest number of used car listing available in various categories and each listing is shared to the visitor with the contact details of the person selling the car. The search tool added in the site makes it much easier to search the best deal.

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