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Ford Econovan

The Ford Econovan, also known as Mazda Bongo, works as a van made up by the Japanese manufacturer Mazda since 1966. It has been built with a rear, middle, as well as front - mounted engines. It also formed the foundation for the long functional Kia Bongo range. The Ford Company also introduced the new 1.8 Petrol engine L8, a big centred cabinet box due to the decreased seating capacitance and new model codes applied to the modification. The inclusion of new engine tune -up in the car and increased fuel economy, several automatic five- speed settings, dual- rear wheel model stopped for further manufacture in this model, 4W -ABS, this model turned out well in the market.

The Ford Econovan is a famous model in van segment and was also known as Mazda Bongo. Being a famous model in the van segment this model has gone a long way in its production line. With few facelifts this car model is still active in manufacturing line of Ford Motors, but the major problem is the pricing and availability. To get rid of the said both, the best option is to own a used Ford Econovan. One may easily own this van model with the help of used Ford Econovan sale happening in various parts of Nigeria. The used Ford Econovan helps one to enjoy long family trips as well as to earn money via using it for commercial purpose, let it be for moving goods or people.

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