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Dodge Avenger

Dodge Avenger is a mid size sedan car introduced in the market in 1995 by Dodge. Initially it was introduced as two door coupe in northern part of America and continued by year 2000. After some time Dodge Avenger was re-launched as four door sedan in the year 2008. This model was equipped with front engine with four wheel drive and this type of mechanism is highly controllable and powerful. As it was a kind of sports sedan so technical configuration was bit higher comparatively with other old models. Engine capacity of this speed machine was minimum 2.0 liter and maximum 3.6 liter gasoline where transmission was 6 speed Aisin manual.

Generally to purchase such kind of brand new car buyers have to shell out heavy amount of hard earned money but now days every time car lovers are not compelled to buy new car. Used car market in almost all regions of the have made it easy to owe any kind of used car. Either it can be any part of Nigeria, there is high demand of used vehicles. Used car sale in Nigeria also being popular and people also can purchase used Dodge Avenger in local market and most of the time it is good decision for car lovers who are price conscious.

People who are planning to buy used Dodge Avenger no need to be worried for lot of follow up with dealers to get any vehicle because same you can get by on few clicks of the mouse. Now thousands of websites are available across the globe to purchase used vehicle. As we are talking about Nigerian region, here is emerging a popular website for any sort of used vehicle. has stretched arms to almost all part of Nigeria. Both of the parties either or seller or buyer, are satisfied with services provided by this site and meeting with desire of owning a car.

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