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Mercedes-Benz 250

Mercedes–Benz 250 was introduced to luxury car lovers in the year 1965 by famous German car company Mercedes which name is very popular almost all over the world. This was full size luxury sedan car and this was introduced with different body structure of 2 doors, four doors and two doors convertible as well. It was equipped with engine of different capacity ranging from 2,195 cc to 3,499 CC and this different range of power of engine was enough to meet the need of the customer. This model and other variant of this elegant car Mercedes–Benz 250 became so popular that this model continued with some successor of other variants till 1971.

Mercedes Benz 250 model was for the elite class of people or for the people who wanted luxury with power and beauty of the car. This model of the car still has the charm but as a vintage car. This model is still being used with pride and gives honor to rider of this car. Although company had already stopped the manufacturing of this car but still used Mercedes–Benz 250 can be purchased in different countries. Used car market in Nigeria is very popular among car lovers and almost all variants of this model can be purchased in used car sale of the country.

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