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Mercedes-Benz A CLASS

The Mercedes Benz A Class is a luxury compact car with the pulse of modern generation, launched by the renowned German Automobile giant Mercedes Benz in the year 1997 and is a successful model actively running on the roads till date. Three generations got launched for this model, first in the year 1997, 2nd in the year 2004 and the third one in the year 2012. The Mercedes Benz A class was launched in the Motor show held at Frankfurt in the year 1997. The Mercedes Benz A Class is made in a Mercedes-Benz W176 platform and put up in the category of a 5 door hatchback car.

Owning a car from Mercedes Benz is a dream for every car lover. In most of the cases, it is not achievable for a middle class person to own a new model considering the heavy prices. Having a used car is wiser than owning a new one spending handful of money. There are many used Mercedes Benz A Class cars for sale in Nigeria and one can easily own the same by paying nominal market rates for used cars. Being a model from Mercedes Benz, one can fulfil the dream of riding a luxury car by buying a used Mercedes Benz A Class.

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