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Mercedes-Benz AXOR

The Mercedes Benz Axor is one of the most cost effective truck launched on roads by the German automobile leader Mercedes Benz. The combination of power and performance is made special in the Mercedes Benz Axor, but still the most cost efficient heavy vehicle from the range. A huge loading capacity, fuel efficiency and the safety features along with extra comfort to the driver makes this vehicle unique. Targeted the fleet customers in the launching stage, the Mercedes Benz Axor has gained fame with its presence in the famous Bollywood movie series, ‘Transformers’. Comes in both manual and Electronic gear shift modes, the Axor is powered with 12 L engine.

Having a reliable and fuel efficient truck to run for self as well as commercial purpose is a great blessing on the roads of Nigeria. The Mercedes Benz Axor is one such big boy which one can simply rely on. Buying a new fleet would definitely make a big hole on the bank account and rather one can look for sale of used Mercedes Benz Axor. The Mercedes Benz Axor, being one of the most famous truck model from Mercedes would be an add-on to the business one run in Nigeria. Buy used Mercedes Benz Axor and enjoy the comfort, reliability and the fuel efficiency it gives on the road., being the largest online portal for used cars enjoys the pioneering position in the minds of many in Nigeria with its incomparable service. The fast search engine attached in the website makes the searching of ideal used car so easy for potential buyers. The lists appear in front of one on the search option provides the contact details along with and this make it so simple to own a used car. The buyers can get in touch with the seller via the contact details given with each used car listing. The registration option is open for interested buyers, but not mandatory at all.

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