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Mercedes–Benz 260

Mercedes–Benz 240 started production in 1936 and continued for this particular model and other variants till 1940. During this tenure approximately 2000 vehicles were assembled and sold to interested buyers. Mercedes–Benz 260 was designed with body and chassis of full size 4 doors sedan, landaulet and cabriolet. Powerful engine of 2545 CC with 4 cylinders was powerful to produce enough power for smooth running even in rough roads. The car was well known for ultimate design, impressive interior and safety also as this was equipped with hydraulic brakes. This powerful Mercedes-Benz had the capacity of running at 95 km at that era.

Mercedes –Benz 260 is very old model and people who are keen to have any vintage luxury car for this option. Purchasing used car specially Mercedes-Benz 260 might get good deal after being owner of this, because most of the time resale value of vintage car is always profitable. Used Mercedes- Benz 260 can be purchase almost in all countries directly from owners. Used Mercedes Benz- 260 in Nigeria is also very popular some delegates and executive own this car and flaunt proudly in car rallies local or national level and appreciated by car lovers.

Although most of the people prefer purchasing car from direct owners or from car dealers but some time it is tedious task to follow up many times to get the information about the availability in this case good option. In this website buyers or sellers both can easily fix deal over the phone call or emails. has very prevalent options or features which attracts buyers or sellers to get services from this website. The website has very large collection of almost all vehicles from people can choose from multiple options considering the some parameters as Price, color, model or variant.

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