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Used cars or new cars - What to buy?

It is not easy to buy a car. Automobiles are expensive and there are so many models available these days that it is a really Herculean task for a layman to figure out the best ones from the stock. At the same time, one may be tempted to buy a used car owing to the cheapness and various other benefits. For instance, a used car does not depreciate at a fast rate and offers various maintenance-related advantages as well. But the new car comes with oodles of pride and prestige. New automobiles may be expensive but they do make you swell your chest. Besides, the prices of new cars in Nigeria won’t appear all that high if you can find the right dealer.

It is important not to be very hasty while purchasing a car. Experts recommend that you should spend at least 3 weeks mulling over the various specifications of all the models and your own requirements before making a purchase. At times, people buy a used car from a wrong place and then regret their purchase. Even when you are buying an old car, you must figure out the exact age of the vehicle which you can afford to buy or which you are willing to buy. By convention, the older the car is, the lower will be its price. But if the car is very old and is not in a good state, then you may regret investing the money, no matter how small it is. Therefore, it is vital that you are making these mental calculations in your mind.

The importance of dealers cannot be undermined as well. You should check the car prices in Nigeria. Instead of jumping from one site to another, it is better to locate a good portal site where you can find information about all the top dealers and their prices under one roof. That would help you save time and avoid all the associated hassles. is a portal website where you can check out the entire collection of used cars for sale in Nigeria with prices. The information which is provided on this site is genuine and comprehensive. Apart from the prices and specifications, you can also go through reviews, photos and videos.

In a quick synopsis, let us compare the merits and demerits of buying a used car as opposed to buying a new car:

  1. Used cars cost you much less than a new car. So, if you cannot afford a new car, the only option before you is to buy an old one.
  2. However, some old cars may not be in great conditions and you may have to shell out some money for repair, repaint, etc.
  3. Nevertheless, prices of cars in Nigeria differ from city to city and from time to time. Sites like give you updates and timely info about price of cars in Nigeria for all the reputed dealers. So, if the price difference between a new and its used version is not much, you better go for the former!

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