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Ford Crestline

Ford Crestline was inaugurated as one of the topmost trim levels of the Ford range in 1952. Ford Crestline was proposed with a 239 CID engine with "L-head" V8 series. In 1953, Ford Crestline was modified later on with trim changes and minor styling. After a brief downfall, it had retained its status as one of the top trim level of the Ford ranges. The engine availability and body style persisted as it was. Later on, a 2-door hardtop with a front, tinted diaphanous panel was added. Newfangled 223 straight- six along with 239 CID overhead valve to the V8 engines were added.

Ford Crestline is one such vintage model of Ford Motors which every vintage lovers would love to own. Even after years of discontinuity from the production line, this car model owns a special place in the hearts of car lovers due to its design and performance standards. The car lovers in Nigeria and Ghana regions need to go with a used Ford Crestline sale, if they wish to won this model now. There are many used Ford Crestline for sale in Nigeria, from which one may transfer the ownership easily to his name. With the help of a used Ford Crestline sale, one may own the prestige of having the best admired vintage car in region.

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