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Honda Concerto

Honda concerto is Sedan category of car which was introduced in 1988 by Honda with collaboration with Austin rover group. Initially this car was launched considering European markets but later on stretched to the other areas as well. Honda Concerto setup their assembly in Suzuka, Mie in Japan. Honda concerto series is available in two type of body structure one is 4 doors sedan and other one is 5 door lift back. This model is equipped with decent power capacity of engine ranging from 1.4 Liter to 1.6 Liter and 4 and 5 speed manual and automatic transmission respectively.

Honda Concerto did successful business many parts of the world successfully, even exported some used model in many countries of the world. In African country Nigeria has high demand of used cars. People who need blend of power, style and comfort can opt for this car. Used Honda Concerto in Nigeria available in some local markets or same can be purchased from direct owners who have planned to sell this model. Buying used Honda Concerto might be good decisions for people who have some uneasiness to purchase same class of brand new car. In spite of being an old model this car is capable to perform better even is rough roads and bad weather conditions.

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