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Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline was introduced in 2006 in the market by Japanese auto manufacture by Honda motor company. This model was company’s first launch in North American semi-truck market. This model got fame due to uni body design, and dual action tailgate. Initially Honda Ridgeline started manufacturing in Ontario and Alliston but later on assembly units were moved to Alabama and Lincoln. Inspire of low sales units Honda Ridgeline emerged as one of the most profitable Vehicle for Honda Motors. This model got good recognition in the market due to power and durability. As per sources from Honda a team of 37 engineers was involved in the project and huge investment was done to make it a successful model.

This Model is idle model for the people who have small business and have to travel on rough roads. Ridgeline was designed with 5 feet cargo space which can be stretched to 6.6 feet. Without any doubt it has good capacity to bear the load which can range from 499 kg to 707 Kg which depends on alignment of cargo area. This model was imported in many countries including Nigeria. Used Honda Ridgeline can be obtained from local used car sale in Nigeria because company ended production in mid-2014.

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