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The Specifications And Features Of Equus

The Hyundai Equus is paired with automatic transmission at 429-hp* 5.0L GDI engine. On the Equus, for the DIS (Driver Information System) and premium navigation, the 9.2 inch LCD used. In addition, it has camera system and rear seats. The advanced automatic transmission usually delivers smooth and efficient power as per driver demands. The rear wheel-drive as well as well balanced gives high performance like a high performance car and luxurious sports car. The high pressure, engine block designed with aluminium that maximizes the power. The D-CCVT (Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing) improves high-end and low end horsepower. The additional features of Equus are Torque convertor this for higher efficiency.

From the private dealers, people can take different choices of getting a car. These days, many people dream to buy a car, buy new one not affords everyone, instead of that used car is effective. Today, the certified owners offering a warranty upon used car and generally it helps to meet the detailing, higher mechanical as well as appearance standards. The people also make sure about the dealership before purchasing. The Used Car Nigeria offer vehicle reports such as certification and worthy process.

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