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Infiniti FX

The Infiniti FX a midsize luxury car is from Nissan motors. This model was introduced in 2002 and still in the demand. Infiniti FX has developed many versions under two generations since it was launched. This model was also given name as “Giant scarab”. Manufacture launched this car with unique idea where design is the combination of two designs concept upper body is impact of classic sports car while lower body has impact of SUV. Infiniti FX was introduced in layout of two wheel drive as well all wheel drive in few version of the car where four wheel drive car always have been ahead in power and performance.

Being a luxury car especially from good brand name Nissan, it has great impact in the mind of car lovers and that is the reason that even used infinity FX can be purchased in used car sale. Infiniti FX is good car for the people who have Passion for SUV as well as sports car because ultimately gives feel of both categories. Used Infiniti FX in Nigeria can be accessed by various platforms as dealers or internet websites. The most of the dealers of the country has almost all the versions available, if used Infiniti FX.

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