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KIA Joice

The Kia Joice is a famous model from the Korean automobile manufacturer Kia Motors. The Kia Joice was launched in the year 1999 by Kia Motors. This model of Kia was mad on a Hyundai Santamo platform and this was a result of a joint venture of Kia Motors with Hyundai Motor Company. Kia Joice is a Multi-purpose vehicle with a seating capacity of 7 passengers including the driver. Made in a body style of a 5 door minivan, Kia Joice is powered with a 2.0L 16V14 engine. The variants of Kia Joice was available both in 5 speed manual transmission as well as 4 speed automatic transmission system.

It is always a great blessing to have a multi-purpose vehicle on the Nigerian roads, as it helps to fulfill the travel needs of entire family. Kia Joice is one such nice model with great features. Since the model is discontinues its production getting a new one would be difficult and the substitutes cost one on a higher side.SO it is always ideal to go with a used Kia Joice so that one can move around the city in comfort with family in a spacious MPV. There are many used Kia Joice for sale in Nigeria which a potential buyer could think about going for.

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