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Mercedes-Benz 200

Mercedes always has been a symbol of luxury and world famous brand. This model of the car is now stopped manufacturing, still people consider it if they look for vintage car. Mercedes Benz 200 was introduced in year 1966 and successfully continued till 1985. During this long tenure Mercedes Benz 200 launched approx. 6 different versions W110 , 200D/ 8, 200, W115, 200D/8,  W123. Mercedes 200 D is a diesel sedan car. This model was a great hit after launch due to its elegant design and powerful engine of 6 cylinders. This model is also known for its interior and classy look.

As this car has already stopped manufacturing long time back but still car lovers don’t need to be disappointed because almost all versions of this used Mercedes Benz 200 are available worldwide. People show interest in this model because in spite of being very old model it has many features which modern cars have and it also gives a feel of owning vintage car. Like other parts of the world used Mercedes–Benz 200 in Nigeria can be purchased from used car sale in Nigeria. Mercedes –Benz 200 is known for comfort and impressive design so purchasing this car would be good deal.

This preowned or used Mercedes-Benz 200 and other model can be obtained from various used car sales in Nigeria as well as from some websites. Among these websites is one of the renowned website which is famous for huge collection of almost all sort of used vehicles in Nigeria and other countries as well. is also known for its excellent customer service and sales support team. In this website buyer and seller can contact each other directly after profile creation. also has some premium features where buyer and seller can get some extra benefits after subscription of this service.

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