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Mercedes-Benz ATEGO

Manufactured by the German automobile giant Mercedes Benz, the Mercedes-Benz ATEGO came to roads in the year 1997 and successfully continuing its journey. Launched in category of a rigid truck or a light weight truck, Mercedes-Benz ATEGO highlights value, dedication and efficiency in one go. The Mercedes-Benz ATEGO is powered either with a 4 cylinder engine or with a 6 cylinder engine and the weight of the truck range from 6.5 metric tonnes to 16 metric tonnes. The new Mercedes Power Shift three automated gearshift system and many other new features added in the facelift of this truck has raised its quality and performance standards.

For a small business or a big model system, having a mini truck helps a lot to cut down the movement cost. Most of the cases owning a new truck that too a model from the famous Mercedes Benz would invite a bit of heavy investment. There are many used Mercedes Benz Atego available in Nigerian market, which one can add to her or his vehicle lines. Buy used Mercedes Benz Atego in Nigeria easily and give your business an unbelievable uplift. The style and the performance standards of a used Mercedes Benz Atego is never behind new ones.

Having a heavy vehicle is always a great things when it comes to running a business in Nigeria. There are very few sources which are reliable when it comes to heavy vehicles. is in the front line of all and the incomparable transparency and the largest number of listing owned by makes it the best used car portal to be looked at while looking for a used vehicle. The easy search tool makes it so convenient for the potential buyer to get the best option of vehicles in the screen in front from which he have the leverage to choose and get in touch with the seller directly as well.

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