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Mercedes-Benz C Class

The Mercedes-Benz C class is a solid executive car which was introduced in the year 1993. Till the launch of A-Class in 1997, the C-class was the smallest model ever. The C-Class Mercedes Benz was made at Mercedes-Benz factories in Sindelfingen and Bremen, Germany and in addition numerous satellite factories in other countries. There are four generations of the C-class Benz. The first C-Class sedan was launched on 1 June 1993, the second generation (W203) was launched on 18 July 2000. The C-Class is available with a four-wheel drive option since 2002. The third generation (W204) was produced in 2007. The last and latest generation C-Class (W205) came out in 2014.

Getting a used Mercedes-Benz C-class in Nigeria not only gives an executive impact to one's lifestyle, but also helps you in saving money which can be invested in other life needs. At the same time the resale value is also good, even for used cars. When one purchase a used car which is just few couple of years old, there itself the saving starts. One can easily buy a used Mercedes-Benz C-class as there are deals going ahead over the area for this model. Mercedes Benz, being one of the most customer centric automotive brand, provides excellent service for their models which can be enjoyed by existing users as well. is the most prominent name when it comes to the decision of buying a used car in Nigeria. With the largest collection of used car listing, offers the most reliable used luxury car listings. With the in-built search engine with minimum inputs, brings the exact listing in the screen of the buyer. The buyer have the freedom to contact the seller directly without any middlemen, as each car listing is given with the contact details of the seller added in.


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