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Nissan 720

Nisan has introduced its first mini pick-up truck in the year 1980 as Nissan 720 in Japanese market. The Nissan 720 was launched in two sizes, king cab size as well as standard cab size. Both the variants were having front wheel drive and four wheel drive options. Even though the King Cab version picked up familiarity in the market than the other model. The Nissan 720 comes with a front suspension and is powered with a 2.4 L engine of four cylinders. The latest variants of this model has been given with many facelifts such as smooth sided beds, tail lights etc.

A moderately used Nissan 720 would be ideal one for both commercial as well as personal purpose as it serves all the commitments of a mini pick-up truck, especially towing and hauling. A family can own this truck from the used Nissan 720 sale in Nigeria and can use it for their basic loading works. It is good to go with buying a Used Nissan 720, as the same is economical in terms of investment and the vehicle would never disappoint the buyer. Since Nissan has strong presence in the Nigeria and Ghana region, the service of a used Nissan 720 is no more appoint for the buyer to worry about. is the most believed and consistent used car online portal in terms of customer service and transparency. is a common platform for the buyer and the seller to meet and discuss further about closing a deal. enables this with the feature of adding seller contact details along with every car listing given in the website. The Buyer can opt for registration options in the website for enhanced searching, even though the same is not mandatory. The buyer can search the car with the help of minimum inputs given in the search tool attached with the website and thereby can find his dream model.

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