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Nissan Leaf

Nissan, an automobile corporation from Japan has launched its vehicle model called Nissan Leaf in the year 2010. The Nissan Leaf is a five door Hatchback model from the Nissan Motors Company. The main highlight of this model is that, this is one of the most eco-friendly car as Nissan Leaf is an electric car model. The Nissan Leaf has got there variants such as S, SL and SV. Powered with an 80 KW electric motor, Nissan Leaf offers pretty decent speed on the road. Nissan leaf is one car model which has been given with enough attention to detailing in terms of safety. The Nissan leaf is spacious in its interiors, stylish in exteriors and is very smooth to drive.

One who wish to move around his living area without making hazard to the environment would love to have a Nissan Leaf. Since a new model wouldn’t be affordable for all, a used Nissan Leaf would be an ideal choice. Not only one would drive in style, but also would enjoy a calm pollution less drive in a used Nissan Leaf with lesser investment of money. There are many used Nissan Leaf in Nigeria and one can easily own this ecofriendly model in good price. Going ahead buying a used Nissan Leaf in Nigeria wouldn’t trouble one much in terms of service points, as Nissan have pretty good service stations in the region and they are offering equal service to old and new customers.

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