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Nissan NX

The Nissan NX is a two-door coupe from the Japanese automobile Corporation, the Nissan Motors Company. The Nissan NX is a compact sports model with front wheel drive launched in the year 1990. The Nissan NX is made in the Nissan B platform with engine capacity ranging from 1.6 L I4 and 2.0L I4 along with either a 4 speed automatic transmission or a 5 speed manual transmission. The Nissan NX is launched as a special design which have the similarity with Nissan Sunny and the Nissan Pulsar. The Nissan NX came in two versions such as the Nissan NX 1600 and the Nissan NX2000.

For a sports car addict person, a used Nissan NX would really be an asset. The dream of owning a sports coupe model is quite normal, but sometimes it becomes a finger burning decision if looked at the high price points. There comes the value of the decision to go with a used car purchase. A decently maintained used Nissan NX bought from a reliable source would help one to fulfill the dream of enjoying a power packed performance of a sports car. One can easy get a used Nissan NX with the help of used Nissan NX sale in Nigeria.

When it comes to used car purchase, one should check the reliability and authenticity of the source before going ahead. In Nigerian and Ghana areas, the residents need not worry much as there is strong online presence of in the region with the largest number of used car listing. With each listing given along with seller details, offers the buyer a privilege to get in touch with the seller directly, so that the buyer can discuss and close the deal smoothly. The search tool is the most attractive feature in the website as with minimal inputs, the search tool opens the door to a large number of listings.

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