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Nissan Pulsar

Nissan pulsar is a compact model from the Japanese automobile company, Nissan. Launched in the year 1978, Nissan Pulsar has gone through many changes and shifts and currently running on the roads with its sixth generation series in the name of Nissan Tiida. Nisan has given four wheel drive options also in this model, even though the Nissan Pulsar was launched as a front wheel drive vehicle. The Nissan pulsar offers spacious interiors and stylish exteriors which makes this model popular in the compact car segment. The 1.5 L diesel and the 1.6 L petrol engines given its variants ensured at most fuel efficiency and Nisan has maintained its safety features throughout all generations.

Nissan pulsar is one such model which has gone through many revisions and now on the roads with a different name. Owning a new Nissan Pulsar may not be viable for all, as the prices are not so low for a new version of this model. Here the best thing a car lover, especially one who loves this model may go with a used Nissan Pulsar purchase. There are sale for Nissan Pulsar in Nigeria and one can easily own this model without much hassle. Having a Used Nissan Pulsar in Nigeria is not a bad deal considering the huge prices of a new model and the service standards of Nissan in the region.

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