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Tata Safari

The Tata Safari is a Sports Utility Vehicle produced by the Indian Automobile company called Tata Motors. Tata Safari holds the fame for being the first fully designed, developed and manufactured Sports Utility Vehicle in India. Launched in the year 1998, Tata Safari is positioned in a Mid-Size SUV class and is a 5 door Sports Utility Vehicle. The Tata Safari is powered by a 3-litre DiCOR engine positioned in front side along with the options of four wheel drive as well as two wheel drive. The Tata Safari has received a facelift in the name of Tata Safari Storme in the year 2012 and currently getting released in this name.

In the roads of Nigeria, it is always ideal to have a powerful sports utility vehicle and Tata Safari is one such kind everyone would love to drive to enjoy the power packed performance. The Tata Safari, being on roads in the new name and features won’t be that much easier for a common man to own considering the price of the model. There one can think about going for a used Tata Safari in Nigeria. There are many used Tata Safari for sale in Nigeria both in online as well as offline sources, which one can do a proper research and rely at.

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