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Toyota Carina is one the oldest brand by world famous car manufacture Toyota. The production of this model was started in 1970 to 2001 ranging from 1st generation to 7th generation. The world “Carina” is originated from Latin word coelica  meaning "heavenly" or "celestial". Toyota Carina started its manufacturing in Japan and started sale from same country. Later on some models and variants from Carina were exported to USA and appreciated by most of the car lovers. Carina model come with 2 doors and few models have 4 doors as well depends on generation and year of make.

As already mentioned Toyota Carina stopped its manufacturing long time back however all the models and variants from Carina however all the models and variants from Carina can be obtained from used car market. The most beneficial point of purchasing this car is that some earlier model can be classified not as used car but as Vintage car. Sometime using very old cars gives different feeling because such cars are appreciated by Vintage car lovers. Used Toyota Carina car in Nigeria can be purchased from car dealers and from direct owners. Sometimes it is the best option to purchase from car dealer because of some extra benefits and services. has listing of all models and variants from Toyota Carina available in Nigeria. The website has all the authentic information of listed cars. verifies the info before listing the car in the website. People who browse the website with expectation of purchasing a good car are not disappointed because very good features and user interface of website. gives options to users which are relevant from the perspective of a used car buyer like, color, year, price etc. This popular website also gives option to login as user and register car as seller or buyer. In the website you can also read and write reviews of users.

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