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Chrysler Newport

The first car of Chrysler Newport was introduced in the year 1940 and 1941. The car was a dual cowl phaeton which has used the "Chrysler Spitfire" 143 hp (107 kW; 145 PS) L-head straight-8 engine with multiple carburettors along with a 3 speed manual transmission system. This model of Chrysler acted as the only main pace car for the Indianapolis 500 race happened in 1941. The new model of the Chrysler Newport followed the same kind of waterfall grille as used by another model called Chrysler Fifth Avenue. The only exception was the horizontal bar running through the centre part to copy the other crosshair grilles seen in many models of Dodge.

Who would not love to own a luxurious sedan at a reasonable rate? The Chrysler Newport was one such name which was popular for reasonable price point. Since the new versions are not coming up in production line, the left out option to choose with is a used car. There are many used Chrysler Newport for sale in the regions like Nigeria and Ghana and one can easily get a desired model from this series without much of a trouble. is the most popular website in Nigeria and Ghana areas when it comes to used cars. With the largest number of used car listings shown in the website, the keeps itself in the top position with few additional features added into the site such as fast search tool, display of seller’s contact details, registration option, contact request form etc. The main highlight among all these are the search engine which gives adequate and accurate results to the person searching for used car model with few inputs given. Another feature of the website is that all the listings shown are given along with the seller’s contact details which enhances transparency and reliability factor.

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