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Chrysler DAYTONA

Chrysler DAYTONA is the most wanted hatchback car of 1980s-1990s. The car was produced from 1984-1993 by Dodge. The car then undergone some changes and the up scaled version was introduced in the name of Chrysler Laser. The vehicle was then restyled in 1987 and 1992. The car holds 2.2L Chrysler K turbocharged 93hp engine. Then the car was restyled with 96hp2.5 LK engine in 1986. Then the 2.2L hp engine increased to 146hp. The car then has undergone changes oriented to performance and the new version of Daytona is known as Shelby which was introduced in 1987. It is known as the first sport car of the world by Chrysler.

Owning a good hatchback model not only helps one to complete his or her dream of having a compact car, but also help them to move in style around the city with or without their family. Since the Chrysler Daytona is one such hatchback model, it is a good choice of compact car, but considering the price of the refined model going with a used Chrysler Daytona would be an ideal choice. A used Chrysler Daytona is easily accessible for common man in Nigeria and Ghana areas as there are many used Chrysler Daytona for sale in the region. It is the time to own the most ideal compact car version from Chrysler.

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