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Chrysler DUAL

The configuration depended on 1954 and 1955 Chrysler’s concept cars, named the Fire arrow II, III, and IV and the Firebomb, which had all been planned by Virgil Exner. The Dual-Ghia car model was planned by Chrysler. The design with simplicity in its outline, single headlamps and sided highlights, no styling add-ons makes this model favorite for many. The main highlight of the model was that the four-place convertible option. The Italian Coach builder Ghia created the interiors and the bodywork of this model. The body style of the Chrysler Dual is with a two speed automatic transmission. Since this model was powered by 315 cu in (5.2 L) Dodge hemispherical-head short-stroke V-8 engine, the Chrysler Dual gives amazing performance.<br><br>

The Crystal Dual is one of the best convertible coupe from Chrysler, an American automobile manufacturer and is a good option for one who wish to move around the city in vintage style. Since these model is discontinued by the brand, it won’t be possible to own a new model, even the facelift models are highly priced. The best option to go with a used Chrysler Dual sale in Nigeria. Chrysler being a renowned brand, which offers excellent service to their customers keeps the same standard for all type of car owners. There are many used Chrysler Duals for sale in the region and one may own this luxury vintage model without any much hassle.<br><br> is one of the best online portal servicing the Nigeria and Ghana areas, when it comes to the purchase of used cars in the regions. The is featured with the best in class search engine to find out the most ideal car listings required by the buyer. The buyer has to simply inward some details such as model, make, year, kilometers etc. and presents the most relevant listings to the buyer. The buyer can opt his favorite car and look for the contact details as each listing presented by CarXus is along with the contact details of the seller.

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