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Chrysler ES

In the middle of April 1988 and mid-1991, Chrysler offered the Dodge Shadow in various European markets called Chrysler ES, it depended on the Dodge Shadow ES and was moderately the same vehicle, just without the "Shadow" identification. Offered just as a 3-entryway hatchback, the standard motor was the fuel infused 2.2 L, with a discretionary turbocharger. The engines were connected to a standard five-speed manual transmission, with a three-speed programmed accessible. The main vehicle took off of Sterling Heights Assembly on August 25, 1986. In late 1988, creation of the Mexican business sector rendition called the Chrysler Shadow started at Toluca Car Assembly. The Shadow/Sundance was additionally sold in Europe from 1988 to 1991 as the Chrysler ES.

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