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Chrysler ESX

The Chrysler Intrepid ESX model cars are the after effect of the 1993 reaction by the Chrysler Corporation to a test by U.S. President Bill Clinton to deliver a vehicle which was fit for taking care of the requests of the cutting edge shopper. This model was gotten from an arrangement mixture drive impetus framework intended to utilize 40% of fuel's potential vitality whereas the regular cars just uses 15% of gas potential vitality. The Chrysler ESX was fueled by three motors. The first was a VM Motori S.p.A. 1.8-liter three-barrel, turbocharged diesel, whose vitality was redirected to a 180-pound, 300-volt battery and two oil-cooled electric wheel engines. The electric engines were additionally part of the regenerative stopping mechanism.

To own a hybrid concept car is not at all easy for common man, as the price point would mostly be on a higher side. Especially when the model of the car is from a brand like Chrysler, it is accessible for few in elite class. Here comes the relevance of used Chrysler ESX which are available in used car market in Nigeria. The used Chrysler ESX in Nigeria is an ideal option for one who loves to have a luxurious concept car at a reasonable price. Chrysler being a very reputed high end brand with strong presence in Nigerian market ensures the same standard of service to all its customers. is the most renowned name in the field of used cars in Nigeria and Ghana regions. The offers a huge number of used car listings in the region to the buyers who wish to go with a used car. The smart search tool inbuilt in the website make it much convenient for the buyer to get his desired car details in the screen in front of him. The only thing the buyer needs to do is giving some simple inputs to the search engine such as make, model, kilometers, year etc. and the gives exactly what the buyer is looking for.

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