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Chrysler LHS

Chrysler LHS is a full–size luxury sedan. This car is a four-door sedan which has been produced by the Chrysler Company. This later replaced the Chrysler Imperial as the only division of the flagship model. This then continued to be the model of the year till 2002 as the Concorde Limited. This car has got new winged emblem of the Chrysler division. So, after the introduction of the 300 M and also the discontinuation of its manufacturing, this car was still in demands in the year 1999. The new car has got features like 3.5 L SOHC 24-valve V6 produced 253 hp (189 kW; 257 PS) @ 6400 rpm and 255 pound force-feet (346 N·m) of torque @ 3950 rpm.

Lot of variants of this car model as Sedan, Convertible, and Coupe were launched but still it is demand in the segment of used cars. Used Chrysler LHS in Ghana is available in some famous automobile shops and dealers who deal in used cars, both in offline as well as online segments. Owning used car is always pocket friendly and gives almost same feeling of owning new car with same features provided that if vehicle is maintained properly. Many car lovers like to visit used car for sale in Nigeria and Ghana and get car as per the preference. is emerging as most trusted website in the country due to availability of all sort of used vehicles ranging from vintage classic cars to modern used cars. In short it is a single platform to choose from the varieties. It is not like other websites where people have to pay a good amount to see the buyer description. is open platform where people can see the direct information of the sellers and contact them directly. Some powerful filters in the websites give comfort to website users because vehicle seeker can get desired information without wasting plenty of the time.

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