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Chrysler Pacifica

The car is the popularly known in the minivan segment which was released on November 2, 1983. The vehicle is manufactured by fiat Chrysler automobiles (FCA) and assembled in Canada. Chrysler PACIFICA mainly targets the families’ convenience along with efficient performance. The main intention of the vehicle was to help the families with comfort travel along with fun, sleek and classy style. The vehicle utilizes the revised version of 3.6L V6 pentastar engine during its release in 2017. The car is capable of running for 30miles before they could switch back to gas. The battery can be fully charged with 240volts in 2 hours. The most wanted car by the families since then it has been launched.

Having a minivan from a renowned brand like Chrysler would be a great advantage for a drive lover in the roads of Ghana. The Chrysler Pacifica, being a concept car model from Chrysler is not at all priced on a lower range considering it as a luxury vehicle. Hence it is not practical for many to own this vehicle and the best substitute option is to purchase a used Chrysler Pacifica. There are many used Chrysler Pacifica for sale in the used car market of Nigeria and Ghana, handled by offline as well as online car dealers. One can easily participate in the used Chrysler Pacifica sale in Ghana and can own this luxurious minivan to enjoy a stylish ride.

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