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Chrysler Stratus

Chrysler Stratus is a love at first sight car. It has been furnished with front fascia, rear bumper, taillights, and wheels. Initially, it received critical acclaims, but later, after few revisions, this car was later the model of the year. Later after receiving the criticism, Chrysler Stratus’s interiors were actually modified. The interiors had conceptualized the different steering wheels and different options were made available. It had turbocharged EDZ 2.4L engine which was later increased to 168 hp's @2,200. The transmission had 5-speed manual, 4-speed F4A42/F4A51 automatic and 4-speed Ultra drive 41TE automatic. This car is marked with style and ease.

Chrysler Stratus is a very popular sedan model from Chrysler launched in their sedan range. There are many other models launched by Chrysler after the stoppage of the production line of this model, even though still maintains its fame. There are many used Chrysler Stratus available in Nigeria and Ghana areas and one may think about going for a used Chrysler Stratus sale, as it gives the advantage of saving money at the same time giving a chance to own a comfort sedan for the entire family to travel with. A used Chrysler Stratus owner need not worry about the service standards and the option to get it done, as the brand offers good presence in the region in terms of service facility. is the first name to check, when someone thinks about buying a used car in Nigeria and Ghana areas. offers the largest number of used car listings in all categories of cars and sedan is their big part. There are many used sedan listings available with, which the buyer may select easily with the help of the smart search tool added in the site. Nevertheless, the offers features like registration option for frequent visitors of the site. The website gives option to request for contact details of seller, if the same is not given with a listing. In fact mostly all the listings comes in the site are shared with the contact details of the seller.

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