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Chrysler Valiant

Chrysler Valiant is a full type sedan car that was manufactured and sold by Chrysler Australia between the years 1962 and 1981. The vehicle has been assembled in Mile End and Tonsley Park of South Australia and it also has VJ AND VH versions. The vehicle comes under various body style of 4-door sedan, 5 door station wagons, 2 door hardtop and coupe utility ad sedan delivery type. According to the production year the car is divided into 4 generations of which Rv1 and Sv1 series comes under 1st generation. The 2nd generation models are divided into AP5, AP6 and VC series, 3rd generation into VE, VF and VG series and finally the fourth generations models are divided into VH,CH,VJ,CJ,VK,CK,CL and CM series.

With 4 generations and around 16 series launches, Chrysler Valiant is one such prominent model in the fleet range owned by Chrysler Corporation. There are many used Chrysler Valiant available in the region from which one may check his favorite series depending on the price and the features it offer. A Vintage car lover can’t miss a chance to own this wonderful car model, as it would be a great feel to drive around the city in a vintage luxurious model car with the satisfaction of lesser investment made at the sale of used Chrysler Valiant.

Reliability is a main factor to be consider while buying used car, especially in areas like Nigeria and Ghana. is the most reliable partner one can depend in the case of buying a used car. This point is underlined with the features and the trust factors which the website highlight. The main highlight of is the transparency it follow while showing each car listing to the customer. All car listings shown in the website is posted along with the seller’s contact details which makes it easier for the buyer to get in touch with the seller at any given point of time for a fruitful discussion. The Smart search tool added to the site makes it simpler with its fast results shown to the buyer.

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