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Ford Anglia

The car was designed and manufactured by Ford. The car has been assembled in Dagenham and Halewood of England from 1963 onwards. The small family class car is made with the layout of Front engine and rear wheel drive. Ford Escort is the successor and Ford 7Y is said to be the predecessor of Ford Anglia according to the chronological order. The car is also assembled in United Kingdom and Australia. The car is built in with 933cc side valve I4 engine with 2 door saloon, tourer and roadster models. The wheel base is 90 inch with the length as 152 inch, width as 57in and height as 63 inch.

Ford has gained goodwill in the mindsets of millions of customers with various segments they own. The Vintage car segment is one of their most popular one these days, as people prefer to own such models as a prestige symbol. In regions like Nigeria and , there are many car lovers who would love to own Ford Anglia, which is a famous model. Since this model is no more in manufacturing line, the best option is to go with a used Ford Anglia sale. There are many used Ford Anglia models for sale in Nigeria and regions, either with offline dealers or online dealers. One may go with individual car owners also who wishes to sell their used Ford Anglia.

The is the most preferred web portal in Nigeria region, once someone decides to go with a used car purchase. Since they are the pioneers in the online car business, they hold a special position in the mindset of the customers due to various factors such as trust, wide options given and easiness of use. The owns huge number of used car listings from which the customer can easily choose their preferred car model. The smart search tool in the website makes it much easier for the buyer to find her or his model. Once selected the customer can easily check the contact details of the sellers as believes in transparency policy and hence each car listing they share is accompanied with seller’s contact details. The buyer may request for the details, if the same is not available.

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