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Bronco was ford’s first sports utility vehicle (SUV) marketed as imports to USA. It was originally an ORV (off road vehicle) that was intended to compete with jeep CJ models and harvester scouts. Bronco was a full size SUV that served five generations from 1966-1996. Fifth generation was a complete turnaround by bronco that came with three transmission modes i.e. 5 speed manual, 4 speed automatic and 3 speed automatic. The new bronco is expected to debut in 2017 equipped well with new techs, a touchscreen, Luxurious interior and an infotainment system that will make this model modern and sophisticated.

Being one of the most famous sports utility vehicle model from the Ford Motors, the Ford Bronco has gained huge familiarity in areas like Nigeria and Ghana. This model has taken the off-roading experience to a next level. There are still huge demand for this model and the best choice left out is to go with a used car sale, happening at many places in Nigeria. There are many used Ford Bronco available for sale in many parts of Nigeria both with automobile dealers as well as individual sellers. A Nigerian resident can easily own a used Ford Bronco with the help of used car sale happening in the country and can enjoy a sporty ride in this power packed vehicle. is one of the most prominent names in the used car business in Nigeria and Ghana with a strong online presence. Rates on top position, the is keen in delivering excellent services to the visitors in terms of options as well as transparency. The Visitor of this site can easily browse their desired used car model with less number of inputs given to the search engine added in the site. The results are so accurate and the customer can choose his car model which he would like to own. The car listing is shown to the customers along with the seller’s contact details, which is a great highlight to boost about

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