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Being a noticeable model of the 240 series manufactured by Volvo, Volvo 245 was pioneer among the Volvo cars available in the period as it took performance to the next level with the turbocharged version modified in 1981. Being a 5 door car, Volvo 245 came with a 4-cylinder in-line OHV engine that was further upgraded to in-line OHC with turbocharging V6 OHC and 5-or 6-cylinder. With 4 speed manual transmission, this model is equipped with hydraulic and disc on all four wheels. Enhanced with safety requirements, this car incorporates a further-developed chassis along with a front-wheel suspension system of the McPherson type.

A Volvo 245 wagon model is a favorite car for many car lovers, but due to stoppage of production this car model is not available to buy from the Brand. The best option to own this car model is the purchase of a used Volvo 245. Since there are many used Volvo 245 available in the region for sale, it is no more a difficult thing to own this vintage model in Ghana. A used Volvo 245 would help one to be proud of having a famous vintage model from the famous Volvo Brand and at the same time can used this car for family drive purpose as well. deals in all kinds of used car and when it comes to vintage models, they have a large number of listing available for serving the customers in the areas of Nigeria and Ghana. The search engine attached to the with inputs like make, model, year etc. It helps the buyer to find his desired car model, whichever segment it may from. The is featured with registration facility of those who want to make an account in the website. The is very particular about the transparency factor it maintain and to enhance this, they show each car listing with the seller’s details.

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