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Being a prominent model brought into the market by Volvo, Volvo 262 is basically the first in its class ever made by Volvo as a luxury coupe. The car comes with the PRV engine which is basically a V6 engine which has been designed to use the oxygen sensor system from Lambdasond. Often recognized as a mid-sized luxury car, this model comes with two doors. In a bid to add to convenience of the user, certain features like central locking system, power windows, powered mirrors, cruise control, luxury interiors made of leather, chilled air conditioning, front seats with heating system, and ergonomic alloy wheels are added to the car.

The price which is one a higher side is always a hindrance in the buying decision of a new car. Hence, a used Volvo 262 is more suitable to go with when the price is a major constraint. There are many used Volvo 262 models available in Nigeria and Ghana areas both with offline as well as online sources, from which one can think of owning the same. is the most familiar name in the field of used car business in Nigeria and Ghana areas. With a huge collection of used cars from all segments, opens the door to an online garage from which the visitor may choose and own his desired car model. The Search tool added to the website makes it much tension free unlike many others. Few inputs and a simple click will bring in a large number of car listings to the screen in front of the visitor along with the contact details of the sellers. This is the major highlight of as there is no hidden things behind a listing. Once shown the details, then it is a deal between the buyer and the seller.

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