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Acura ZDX

Acura ZDX, the prestigious mid-size luxury crossover, was launched by Honda in the year 2009. This 5-door lift back car comes with six speed automatic transmission and embellishes itself with luxury appointments. Having a 3.7L J37A5 V6 engine that is capable of producing 300 HP, this model comes with 6-speed automatic transmission. Being fuel-efficient in nature, it can offer up to 16 miles per gallons in city and 23 on highway. Besides having a wheelbase of 108.3 inch, it also comes with the feature of all-wheel drive. Advanced features in this car include adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation brake system, integrated dynamics system etc.

A luxury crossover would always be a dream of a car lover in Nigeria and the Acura ZDX comes in that category. Being a model made by Honda and marketed under the name Acura, the Acura ZDX stand separate among the crown in the crossover segment with its peculiar features. Since the production line is not active for this car model from 2013, the ideal option left for a crossover lover in Nigeria is to look for a used Acura ZDX sale. There are many used Acura ZDX for sale in Nigeria, and it would be so easy for one to own a used model with lesser formalities. The used Acura ZDX would definitely fulfill the thirst towards luxury and comfort along with the hunger towards performance.

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