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Sell as a Private seller
  • Post your Ad Fast: You can easily sell your car with one click from the comfort of your home. Choose Express listing. Advanced listing or Contact our Expert to get a help
  • Apply Promo Upgrades: Bump, Flag or Highlight your Ad to obtain the prime spot and maximize
  • Get a Customer Support help: Keep in touch with our customer support team in a Live Chat, over the phone or email 24/7

How To sell a car as a Private seller?
Step 1:
Post your Ad
Step 2:
Find a Buyer
Step 3:
Close the Deal
Post your Ad - You can Select Express, Advanced listing or Sell with the help of the Expert. The minimum listing fee is 1.29$ and can be paid online by using Skrill, PayPal or VoguePay (Visa or Master Card) or through Mobile Money and Cash. After paying the listing fee, the car will appear on CarXus platform.

Find a buyer - Your contact information is mentioned in a profile, so every client who will be interested in your offer will contact you directly. Check your emails regularly to don't miss anyone.

Close the Deal - Negotiate price, proceed with the paperwork and transfer ownership to the buyer. Protect yourself from fraud and scam by checking all details carefully and securing all transactions.


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