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Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger is a mid-size car which is based on platform Chrysler B. This car was introduced in 1968 and successfully many version under same name till the year 1978. During 1960s some automakers were trying to explore new ideas to introduce something innovative in luxury category of cars. Finally they decided to enter into the market with some bigger models with blend of pony and ford mustang, personal luxury and ford thunderbird. In first generation Dodge charged launched a model with 2 doors fastback with engine capacity between 318 cu (5.2 Liters) to 440 cu in (7.0 Liters) and later on with some changes in design and suspension.

Owning such nice super car will really give a feel of being on the seventh heaven but it might be very costly affair if someone is budget conscious. In such case buying a used car might be a good deal. All most all the car manufactures also deal in second hand cars so used Dodge charger can be purchased easily from many areas in Nigeria and Nigeria is no more behind to deal with used vehicles. Used Dodge charge in Nigeria can be purchased in reasonable rates at used car sale in Nigeria.

There are a lot of platform in deal with all sorts of used vehicles but now a days internet or car website are getting very popular. Among thousands of vehicle websites is one of the most famous website in Nigeria serving used car industry. This website got famous because of its lot of options for buyers, from category of all sort of used vehicles, professional and supportive staff to get good deal to seller or buyer. has a simple process that within few minutes a person can register as website user and display the ad to millions of viewers.

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