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Mercedes-Benz 230

Mercedes Benz 230 is one of the famous models. Almost everyone is familiar with this luxury brand from German automobile manufacturer. Mercedes Benz 230 was introduced in 1937 with two or four door limousine Sedan which was available with 2 or 4 seats. Other variants like Landaulet and tourenwagen were consisting 6 seats and basic layout of Mercedes Benz 230 was FR. During 1937 to 1941, 20336 units were produced and exported in many countries. During this time it had powerful engine of 2,229 CC which was running by diesel. Some variants of these models were introduced keeping taxi operators in mind.

Now days many people from different countries have shown interest in this elegant and classy model. This car gives honor to car owner because proudly they can boast of having a vintage and elegant car. As we know that production of Mercedes –Benz was stopped long time back still this car can be purchased in many parts of the world in used car sale. Many car lovers are showing interest in used Mercedes Benz 230. Many countries of the world have big market of renowned car and used car sale in Nigeria is also hit if we mention some African countries as buyer of used Mercedes-Benz 230.

Many car dealers or direct sellers can be seen in used car market but now a day’s car purchasing and selling is being more popular in internet websites. There is long list of websites which deal in used cars or other vehicles but is getting high popularity among those websites. is not getting popularity in Nigeria but also many other countries. The website deals in very transparent way with buyer or sellers and there are no hidden conditions for both parties. is well known for large database and multiple options to choose.

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