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Get basic information regarding online sale and purchase of cars in Ghana and Nigeria?

Get basic information regarding online sale and purchase of cars in Ghana and Nigeria?

Majority of the people from Nigeria and Ghana countries are trying to get the best car within their own country. So now it is time to fulfill the dream of buying car online or even sell car online within the country limit itself and all this is taking place with the help of Well what does this company is doing best in order to connect you with your dreams is such as follows.
  • Registration: you need to register online and then you are getting the chance to become the effective user of this company. This step is very simple which includes the simple information such as your name, your email, phone number, etc. also you are getting chance to even register as an owner seller or even you can register as a dealer as well. And then accordingly you can even sell or buy cars online with the help of registration.
  • Buy a car: now all the buyers can buy car here with the help of this company and that too without taking any efforts as, There are wide variety of the cars available for sale and so you can view them and then choose any of the car that is available for sale. You can also contact to the dealer as the information regarding to the dealer or seller is also provided to the buyer.
  • Sell your car: if you want to sell your car here then you can now do that. This is possible as you can register as a seller whether individual or dealer and then you can get chance to sell your car. While selling car you can mention the details of the cars and also you are able to sell the car easily as the buyers are always visiting here and viewing the cars. This is how you can sell car in Ghana as well as sell car in Nigeria too.
  • Post ad of your car: this is the best option that is available for all the sellers. If you are also willing to sell car in Nigeria or Ghana you can also post ad of your car here. This is available with the help of the express listing method and advanced listing method.
  1. Express listing: in this method you can enter the details of the cars such as the make, models, year, engine, your email, contact number, etc. this is the rapid method of posting the ad of your car with the less and key information of car and also you are able to upload the pictures of the car.
  2. Advanced listing: in this type of the listing method you can enter all the details of the cars such as the make, model, year, mileage, engine, performance, exterior condition, interior condition, color of exterior part, color of interior part, safety features, additional features, price you are willing to start bid with, etc.
  • Promote ad: if you are unable to get the buyer for your car then you can also promote ad of your car with the several modes of promotion such as the highlight ad, featured ad, bump ad, home page gallery display ad, etc. this advertisement promotion allows to attract the buyers and so you can get the buyer for your car easily in Ghana and also in Nigeria. The hot offer is also one of the best option which is attracting the buyer for your car. also the promotion of the ads are automatically updating the date of the advertisement and so buyers can get the fresh dates and so you can easily get the buyers for your car.


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